Friday, February 03, 2006

So much going on

There is so much going on behind the scenes in my life and there are a lot of things going on in the public that I will make comments about.

I have been asked numerous times to run for a seat this year that would equal something my Father did back in the late 60s early & 70s. However, I just don't see that happening this year, I need to keep my day job.

Speaking of my day job, I get the task of having to go to Florida to assist some of my colleagues in a complex litigation case for a few days in February.

Maybe I can work on my golf game, since it suffered so much last summer.

Upcoming Issues:

Where is the hue and cry on abortion in Ohio?
Governor's Race -- Is Someone getting a little big for his britches?

Council and Mayor Blinked

The Income tax increase is dead for the May Vote.

Seelie sent out a message that the request to put it on the May ballot will be removed from the February 6th Council meeting.

Mayor George and Bob Seelie saw the handwriting on the wall and knew it wasn't going to pass.

My guess this will be a good way for the Mayor to say to the Unions, "well the City doesn't have the money to pay all these workers, so we will have to layoff some folks to stay within the budget."

At least that is what I hope will happen.