Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Need Help with your Ballot Picks for the November Election

For those of you who need help in selecting the Judicial races, let me offer one place that can be of some use.

Judge4Yourself.com provides a non-partisan rating of the Judicial Candidates.

You can go here to see all the ratings.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Lakewood Residents May Want to Study up on this.

With FitzGerald's Primary win, this will be a little more than just idle chatter.


(A) If the Mayor’s office becomes vacant, the following individuals shall succeed to the office in the following order: Director of Law, Director of Finance, Director of Public Works, President of Council, and an elector of the City chosen by Council.

(B) If a vacancy occurs more than two years and 105 days before the next regular election to be held for the office of Mayor, a successor shall hold office until the first day of January following the next regular municipal election, as provided for in this Charter. If the Mayor-elect dies, resigns, or removes his or her residence from the City, after election but before taking office, the vacancy shall be filled by appointment made by Council prior to the commencement of the term to be filled, and the person so appointed shall hold office until the commencement of the new term for the office of Mayor following the next regular municipal election. In either case, a Mayor shall be elected for the unexpired term at the first regular municipal election following such event.

(C) If that vacancy occurs two years and one hundred five days (2 years and 105 days) or less before the next regular election to be held for the office of Mayor, the successor shall hold office for the balance of the term of the Mayor who is succeeded.
(D) If the Mayor is temporarily absent from the City, or becomes temporarily disabled for any cause, the duties of the Mayor shall be performed during such absence or disability by one of the officials named, and in the order provided, in this Section, under the title of Acting Mayor.

Who is in line:
Law Director - Nora Hurley
Finance Director - Jennifer Pae
Public Works - Joseph Beno
President of Council - Depends at the time of the Vacancy

My feeling is Council won't let it get to the Elector of the City, so that I will leave unanswered.

With next year being the time for the next Mayoral race, who ever takes over for FitzGerald (If he wins the County Exec job) will have the incumbency to ride if he/she decides to run for retention.

Still a big if on all this. But, we shall see.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Special Election Today on Reforming the County Government.

If you haven't already voted by mail, then by all means get to the polling booth and select your candidate for the November ballot.

If you want one of the Independents, then grab a bowl of popcorn and sit back and enjoy the results. My guess it will be an early night, as the numbers of early voters is over the 100,000 mark.

As to my prediction, I am assuming it will be Ed FitzGerald (D) and Matt Dolan (R) against the independents Ken Lanci, Tim McCormack and Don Scipoine as well as Green Party's Dave Ellison for the November 2 ballot.