Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ralph Wilson

It's a sad day in Buffalo, with the death of Ralph C Wilson, the owner of the Buffalo Bills.

When I was kid, my dad would take my brothers and I up to Niagara University to watch them practice and my dad would point out the owner, Mr. Wilson.
Years later, I would see him and his daughter Linda at the Buffalo Country Club having breakfast on a Sunday morning before a game, he would say good morning to the people at tables near him. He was a decent man.

Now the fans of the Buffalo Bills will have to wait to see if the team will remain in the City. All they have to do is look 185 miles to the west and see city that has lost a team and be helpless to do anything about it.

Jim Kelley struggling with a reoccurance of the oral cancer and now the loss of RCW, the fans of the Buffalo Bills are reeling from the emotional blows this week.