Wednesday, November 22, 2006




As you sit around the table giving thanks, please remember the men and women of our Armed Forces serving and protecting us around the world!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Blackeye State

If you were a Republican in Ohio yesterday, that is what we got on Election Day!

Let's see I was wrong:


U. S. Senate

Attorney General - (Incredible to me that a guy with his record got through!)

U.S. Congress 10th District -
Very much wishful thinking on part, since the District is 60% Democrat.

Issue 2 -
Still can't believe that one - Will make Strickland's job harder to promote business growth here!

Ah heck, let's face it I was wrong more times than I was right!

Ladies & Gentlemen, what you witnessed last night was an ole' fashion "throw the bums out" election.

What's next, time to re-group and begin figuring out who will run in 2007 for Lakewood Mayor and the 4 Ward Council seats.

Memo to Dennis Kucinich - Better start fundraising, someone has already begun to campaign against you in 2008!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

While you are waiting for the votes to be tallied

Bill Whittle of Eject!Eject!Eject has a thought provoking essay on George W. Bush and the efforts to defeat terriorism. Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and click on the headline.
End U.S. Imperialism Now!

Can I just take another quick second of your precious time to put this one to bed once and for all?

It is a staple of the left to accuse the US of “Imperialism.” That so many people can level such a charge with a straight face is a testament to the efficacy of forty years of standards-free education reform here and around the world.

An “Empire” is defined as a nation state that has political control over other nation states, and uses that political control to extract the wealth and resources from the subjugated country.

The United States of America does not have any political control over any other sovereign nation on the face of the Earth. We have influence, but influence is to control as a rich uncle is to a prison warden. That’s all you need to know. The entire idea of American Empire and U.S. Imperialism is dead on its face after that. No control means no empire. Period.

But we do have a large footprint in the rest of the world, and have military bases all across the globe. Is that a form of empire?

Look, the whole point of having an empire is to take the wealth out of the colonies and return them to enrich the home country. The US not only does not pull in the resources of other nations…it does exactly the reverse. We pump billions and billions of dollars annually into those nations that host our facilities, and the minute any one of those nations decides we are no longer welcome, we pack our bags, leave and turn those billion-dollar institutions over to the host country. (Look up Subic Bay and Clark AFB in the Philippines for some recent examples)

This is not “imperial behavior.” It is, in fact, the precise opposite of imperial behavior. I guess somehow STOP U.S. ANTI-IMPERIALISM just doesn’t have the same snap somehow for the North Korean-backed International A.N.S.W.E.R. crowd. Color me shocked.

There are millions of people – actually, probably billions now – who genuinely believe that the wealth of the US was stolen from third world countries. This is one of the great perks of living a life free of the ability to think critically and do a little research. I have heard this slander repeated so many times I decided to look into some actual numbers to see if there is anything to this charge. This is a perfect example of how critical thinking allows you to see the unseen. That attitude, Google and ten minutes is all you need to shoot lies like this down in flames.
Okay. The US Per capita income is $41,300. That of a poor, third world country –Djibouti, say -- is $2,070.

Now it gets interesting. The US gross domestic product – the value of everything we produce in a year -- was last measured as $12 trillion, 277 billion dollars (hundreds of millions of dollars being too insignificant to count in this economy).

The GDP of Djibouti is 1 billion, 641 million US dollars.

A little basic arithmetic shows me that US has a GDP 7,481 times greater than Djibouti. A 365 day year, composed of 24 hours in a day, yields 8760 hours per year. Hang on to that for a sec.

Now, let’s suppose the U.S. went into Djibouti with the Marines, and stole every single thing that’s produced there in a year…just grant the premise and say we stole every goddam thing they make. If we hauled away all of Djibouti’s annual wealth, how long would it run the U.S.

Economy, which is 7,481 times greater?

Well, 8,760 hours divided by 7,481 gives you an answer of 1.17 hours. In other words, it takes the U.S. 1.17 hours to produce what Djibouti produces in a year.
If the US really did go in and steal everything that the bottom thirty countries in the world produce, it might power the US economy for two or three days.
Conversely, the billions and billions of dollars the US spends annually in aid, rent, etc. – plus uncounted billions more from private American charities – would supply the entire GDP of Djibouti for hundreds of years.

Where’s your Imperialism argument now?

Polls are open!

Well we are here, the course of the State of Ohio and the Nation will be set at the end of the day!

If you have not voted yet, think of the following things:

1) What is the Democrats definition of "Re-deployment of the Troops in Iraq?

2) Do you believe that the money you earn should stay in your pocket, instead of going to the Government

3) If you live in Ohio, and are paid at or near Minimum Wage, are you prepared to have your personal information available for anyone to see when requested.

4) If you are an Employer of Minimum Wage Workers, are you prepared to have your books opened to verify that you are paying everyone at least the Minimum Wage as proscribed by the edicts of the Constitution of the State of Ohio? Are you prepared to maintain those records for at least three years after an employee has left your establishment?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

If you believe that the definition of Re-Deployment is total withdrawal from Iraq before the job is done, then honor the Men and Women who have paid that ultimate sacrifice by VOTING REPUBLICAN;

If you believe that the money you earn should stay in your pocket, then VOTE REPUBLICAN

If you do not want you personal information available to anyone who requests it then VOTE NO ON ISSUE 2

If you are an employer who doesn't want the company payroll records to be reviewed by anyone for someone who doesn't work for you anymore, then VOTE NO ON ISSUE 2

If you want a solid leader in the Governor's Chair then Vote J. Kenneth Blackwell for Ohio Governor!

Monday, November 06, 2006

DeWine for the United States Senate

This race really should not have been as close as it was, Brown did a good job of establishing himself once he got the party to rid themselves of Paul Hackett.

DeWine has not done a terrific job of defending his record in the Senate. I think part of his problem was that he really hasn't been tested in a State wide election where he has been the incumbent.

It's my opinion that at this juncture with the way the economy is looking to move upward at a good pace, we need a Senator with Seniority in a key position to help with Ohio's problems.

I think this will be a lot closer than the polls indicate, if the Republicans can motivate their base especially in the Central Ohio and outlying Metropolitan areas than Senator DeWine has a chance to be re-elected. Otherwise, its Brown's seat and the Democrats pick up a seat in the Senate and possibly control of the Senate.

But I believe Mike DeWine is the better choice for the U. S. Senate


Tomorrow's election for Governor is really a touchy feely plan versus a plan with specifics about how to deal with Ohio's problems. This race is also about an ineffectual congressman versus an accomplished Secretary of State/Ambassador.

Now those in the Democrat party believe this race is about new leadership with out corruption versus someone who has been a part of the problem for the past 16 years of Republican leadership.

The Democrats in Ohio believe that the ONLY reason George W. Bush is still in the White House is because J. Kenneth Blackwell rigged the election to help him. If you read the some of the online forums they still think he can do it for the Governor's race.

But, lets get back the title of this post; If you read Ted Strickland's plans for Ohio:

1. Provide every child a fair start through access to high-quality early care and education.

2. Create schools that work for every child by giving teachers the tools and technology they need to stimulate creative, problem-solving students to power Ohio's 21st century economy.

3. Dramatically increase the number of students in Ohio's colleges and universities by broadening access and ensuring that those who attend succeed and graduate with a degree that counts.

4. Focus on Ohio's strengths by building on Ohio's regional economies and globally competitive industries, spurring small and mid-size business growth, supporting emerging entrepreneurs in our cities, fostering innovation and unleashing the potential of Ohio's great universities and investing in next generation energy as a job source as well as a resource.

5. Provide all Ohioans the opportunities to attain skills for high-quality jobs.

6. Stabilize health costs for government and businesses alike and advance the health of our citizens by increasing the number of Ohioans who have access to affordable, high-quality healthcare, preventing illnesses and injury and focusing on community-based services for children, families, older adults and persons with disabilities.

7. Retain, create and attract jobs worthy of Ohio workers by focusing on industry sectors in which Ohio companies are growing, and which will spur our economy to generate wealth and prosperity for the future.

Whereas you look at Ken Blackwell's plan you get specifics about a Jobs fund; Privatizing the Ohio Turnpike, reducing Malpractice insurance; help the schools better utilize the funding they already receive, plus the following on Jobs and Taxes;

Jobs & the Economy -

We need more jobs. Ohio was ranked 47th in job creation in 2005. This is the greatest challenge facing our state today. We need to change the way we do business if we want to spur economic growth. Government does not create wealth. Entrepreneurs, individuals and families are the ones who take risks, innovate, create, and grow our economy. Ohio needs to create a pro-job, pro-growth, business friendly environment in order to rebuild our economy.

The status quo is destroying Ohioans economy. Out of control tax and spend policies have created the mess we are in. What the State government has imposed on Ohioans is a travesty.

In the last ten years our state budget has increased by 71% and thrown our economy and its citizens into economic turmoil. Ohio leads the nation in increased government spending. The current fiscal policies have failed. Ohio has moved from eleventh to the third most tax burdened state in the union. And it's getting worse! The latest budget raises taxes $4.24 billion and claims to be tax reform because in four years, Ohioans will receive $1.96 billion in tax decreases. This is not tax reform. This maintains the status quo and we need a change. The out-of-control spending of the state government has to stop. Ken Blackwell's Job Creating Agenda In order to spur economic growth we need to put the brakes on out of control spending and lower Ohioans tax burden. A" Control Government Spending Ken Blackwell led the charge to enact strong fiscal guardrails into Ohio's budgeting process that all future governors and legislatures must follow. As a result of Secretary Blackwell's strong advocacy and willingness to take spending restraints directly to the voters, the General Assembly passed historic spending controls into law – marking the first time in Ohio history that the legislature placed spending limits on itself. The spending control reins in out of control spending and forces state government to live within its means; something all Ohioans must do. This common sense approach to spending control will curb state government's appetite for unlimited spending, and create an environment favorable to cutting taxes and creating jobs.

(This is the part that drives the Democrats really crazy)

Facts about Ohio's state spending controls: It will require all budget spending increases to be limited at 3.5% annually or the rate of inflation, plus the increase in population; Any additional spending would require a supermajority vote and; The Ohio Legislative Service Commission reports that the TEL legislation would have reduced spending by $11.8 billion between 1994 and 2002. Reducing Ohio's Tax Burden is a restrained and responsible government spending model, these are the tax policies Ken Blackwell is proposing: First, over a four year period, Ken Blackwell would convert our income tax to a single rate system, with the target rate of 3.25%.

This will simplify the tax structure and be a more growth oriented approach. This will also have the added benefit of reducing tax on capital gains, which Ohio treats as regular income. Second, we will eliminate the stand alone estate tax. In conjunction with this elimination, we will increase the definition of residency for tax purposes from the current 120 days to 180 days or more. This will put Ohio in a much more competitive position. Third, Ken Blackwell will keep the promise made and repeal the sales tax increase so we return to a 5% sales tax rate. Ken Blackwell has led the charge to repeal the 20% increase in the sales tax while both Ken Blackwell's opponents supported the tax increase. It was sold to the public as temporary tax but a portion is now being made permanent. Fourth, we must exempt energy consumption from the Commercial Activity Tax (CAT).

JOBS Fund As our economy continues to falter, we can no longer rely on business as usual. We must innovate. We must take risks. Ohio must use every resource available to create new jobs. Ken Blackwell's JOBS Fund proposal will allow an unprecedented push for economic development without depleting funds needed for other state services. Ohioans economy needs massive, immediate help. Ken's proposal to privatize the Ohio Turnpike will generate a $6 billion JOBS (Jobs for Ohio Businesses) Fund exclusively for job development. Without increasing tolls or reducing maintenance, its job-building projects will offer worker retraining, entrepreneurial starter loans, cheaper, cleaner energy research and improved rural and Appalachian broadband access. This is good news for families and those who care about creating jobs and growing the economy.

As you can see, Strickland is long on ideas, but short on specifics, whereas, Blackwell is long on ideas and long on specifics I believe that the voters of Ohio are tired of ineffectual leadership over the past 8 years with Bob Taft as Governor, but if they elect Ted Strickland, that Taft like leadership will continue for 4 more years.

Let's move Ohio forward - VOTE KEN BLACKWELL for GOVERNOR

Thursday, November 02, 2006

The 10th District - HOODWINKED AGAIN

Someday the voters in the 10th District will wise up and finally vote out Dennis Kucinich, but much to my chagrin and the detriment of the Northeast Ohio, it won't happen in 2006.

His supporters seemed to think he walks on water, always helping out the little guy and poking his finger in the Administration's eye.

But let's look at his record --

OK done looking, that didn't take long did it! That because he doesn't have one, Kucinich is a smoke and mirrors politician. He gets out front of issues and then when the dust settles he moves on.

For example, last year he had a Public Forum at City Hall (as well as other places across the District) on Social Security. Of course he doesn't want to change it because it will hurt all the Seniors out there now, and I challenged him on that issue, but he backed down. He said it was an insurance for everyone and I said why can't I take the money I put and buy my own annuity again he backed down and then moved on to a new question.

Ladies and Gentlemen, WAKE UP! Dennis does not help this area, if anything he hurts this area. IF the Democrats take control of both Houses, Kucinich even with his tenure will not get a prominent Committee Chairmanship that could help this area, members of his own party will not give him that because he is a loose cannon.


Issue 18 & 19

Issue 18

The Arts & Culture

I voted NO for the mere purpose of I just don't agree with taxing the few to subsidize what benefits the many. They say it will benefit the Beck Center here in Lakewood, but to what extent.

If it passes terrific, but once again the smokers take it in the neck this election season. They get kicked out into the cold on Issue 4 or 5 and then they got to pay for the Beck Center renovation.

Issue 19 - Health & Human Services

This one is easy, VOTE YES, this a replacement levy which means we have already having been paying and the County needs to replenish the funds. As I said previously, I don't mind it when everyone pays for something everyone benefits from.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006



I have a real hard time with the numbers that are cited as to what every group will get on the distribution (based on the YES ON 3 materials), they are giving the Casino operators 55% share of the income. The grant funds and the 88 Counties share in only 38 %.

I have worked for Non-profit organizations before and they have to support their organization by taking only 15-20% of each dollar they raise for administration. I think this is the way this Issue should work as well. They claim that the Facility Owners get only 10% and the remaining 35% is for salaries, benefits, taxes, equipment and operations. (I wonder if these workers will be subject to the minimum wage Issue if it passes)

8% or $227,373,234.64 of the annual gross will go to debt service, what happens when the debt is paid off or will it ever be. By the way that is the SAME DOLLAR AMOUNT as what is being divided up among the 88 Counties.

One more thing, how long before we as the Voters will be asked to include gaming tables into this scheme.

ISSUE 3 does not pass the smell test to me --VOTE NO on 3


ISSUE 2 is a bad precedent, no way should there be a Constitutional Amendment establishing the minimum wage. Especially based on the Consumer Price Index!

I just can't imagine the nightmare the payroll and accounting folks who will have to maintain these records for three years after an employee leaves his/her job. Not to mention having to keep track of the CPI for all your employees.

What is also so wonderful about this Issue, is the penalties for the Companies who are found in violation of the law. 2x of the amount of the back wages, plus if its a retaliatory action the company will get nailed for not less than $150 per day for each day of the violation. Remember the State can instigate an investigation at any time just ensure compliance.

How is that for the Business Owner, the knock at the door maybe either the IRS or the Department of Wage Control and my guess after a while one investigation will lead to the other.

I just don't see how this will benefit the businesses in this state, to cover the increases the companies will have to increase their prices there by negating the any increase the minimum wage worker just got. It is truly a vicious cycle.

I predict that if this Issue passes that with in 5 years Ohio will lose 10 - 20,000 businesses taking with double that number in jobs.

Think Lakewood has problems with empty store fronts now, wait a few years it will be worse!