Thursday, November 02, 2006

The 10th District - HOODWINKED AGAIN

Someday the voters in the 10th District will wise up and finally vote out Dennis Kucinich, but much to my chagrin and the detriment of the Northeast Ohio, it won't happen in 2006.

His supporters seemed to think he walks on water, always helping out the little guy and poking his finger in the Administration's eye.

But let's look at his record --

OK done looking, that didn't take long did it! That because he doesn't have one, Kucinich is a smoke and mirrors politician. He gets out front of issues and then when the dust settles he moves on.

For example, last year he had a Public Forum at City Hall (as well as other places across the District) on Social Security. Of course he doesn't want to change it because it will hurt all the Seniors out there now, and I challenged him on that issue, but he backed down. He said it was an insurance for everyone and I said why can't I take the money I put and buy my own annuity again he backed down and then moved on to a new question.

Ladies and Gentlemen, WAKE UP! Dennis does not help this area, if anything he hurts this area. IF the Democrats take control of both Houses, Kucinich even with his tenure will not get a prominent Committee Chairmanship that could help this area, members of his own party will not give him that because he is a loose cannon.


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