Wednesday, September 11, 2013


As the bells of the Churches in Lakewood finishing tolling it is a call to stop and remember. When the first news of a plane hitting the WTC
Most people thought it was an accident, then a few minutes later
All of that was caught live on TV, at that time I was working for a law firm in the Key Tower -- I was on the 43rd Floor. Shortly after the second plane hitting the tower the word in the office that we meaning the building was to be evacuated as a precaution. There had been several reports about a plane heading to Cleveland or there was hijacked plane at Cleveland Hopkins Airport, thus the reason for the evac. I am a little fuzzy on the attack on the Pentagon, I can't recall if I heard about it while still in the building or after we had moved down the fire escape towards the street.
After some 30-40 minutes it took to go down the 43 flights of the fire escape, and reached Ontario street, some of my colleagues then started getting phone calls from family members and word had spread that one of the towers had collapsed
I started to make my way over to the Hanna Building where my wife worked at the time which normally would be 15 minute walk but because of traffic it seemed to take twice as long. I do recall thinking to myself if this is what it was like when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. A question I would ask my mother later that evening. By the time I had gotten to my wife's office the North Tower had fallen and I stood on the street corner at 14th and Euclid and watched the video on Jumbotron on the Wyndham Hotel. Once I got to my wife's office is the first I heard of the Flight 93
As we sat and waited for the traffic to clear downtown, my wife and I continued to watch the envents unfolding and all you think about was all those people who had lost their lives. At the time, the estimates were up into the tens of thousands, even though the number would be smaller, it was still one too many.
Never Forget All photos courtesy of the AP.

Monday, September 09, 2013

Branco Cartoon – Regime Change

Branco Cartoon – Regime Change

No added comment, I think this Cartoon Pretty much sums the Syrian Crisis up.