Saturday, June 15, 2013

Joe Milan

This past Monday morning Joe Milan was run over by a RTA bus on Detroit Avenue. Earlier this evening I learned that Joe passed away from his injuries. Part of me is sad to hear the news, but another part is angry that he had to die in such a senseless way. Based on the initial reports the Lakewood Police Department and the Regional Transit Authority will probably state publicly that it was just a tragic accident. Joe was an earlier supporter of mine when I ran for City Council back in 2005, at first I didn't take him all that serious, but then something clicked and we began to have serious political discussions, most of the time I would be of the opposing point of view and he would then riddle that POV with holes. His grasp of politics and the nuances were something pretty astounding. Most of all my favorite conversations were about families and above all fishing. Joe loved to fish, we had alsways said we would go fishing together, so he could teach me how to really fish. I will miss Joe.