Monday, February 28, 2011

Ward 1 Councilman

Received word that a new Councilman has been selected!

As I was one of the 13 candidates to have submitted their names for consideration, but I was not selected.

But, I do appreciate the call I received from Mary Louise Madigan Ward 4 Councilperson regarding  their decision.

UPDATE: March 3, 2011

From - Interesting comment is made:
Madigan read aloud the name of each candidate to gauge the group’s interest level in conducting an interview. If a single councilperson responded in the affirmative, the resident would be granted an interview opportunity. Many names prompted an immediate response, but there were some awkward silences. Timothy Carroll, for instance, who is a fine candidate, was on the cusp of being declined for an interview until Bullock spoke up at the last moment.
I'll let the record reflect that each applicant was given 10-15 minutes before the panel, so their decision was based on that and their own views.

Friday, February 11, 2011

House Cleaning

Looks like CE Fitz is not waiting for spring time to do some house cleaning.

He certainly knows how to do the government house cleaning. Let us see some more steps forward on changing the culture in County Government.

Is he thinking of another Presidential Run?

Our man DENNIS! makes some interesting comments.

Is this a precursor to him announcing another bid for the White House in 2012? Stay Tuned.

UPDATE: Link not working - Inserting new clip - Starts at the 4 minute mark.

Welcome Lakewood Observer Readers

It appears that there was some trouble this week over at the Observer Deck.

I was pointed to it, by a friend.

I have not followed the discussion until today. Don't know what the guy said in his original post, but he was using this post from March 2008 regarding the Section 8 map.

Suffice it say, it must have been pretty bad, since the guy was banned.

I am not going to interject my comments into the battle, but I did take some pause over a couple of comments that could be misconstrued as to indicate this site has caused problems for individuals. I am hoping the poster was indicating that the source of the map was the one causing the problems.

Hopefully, there will be a clarification on that point.

UPDATE: One other point that I need to mention. The link on the Deck to the March 2008 post, was killed on their end. I don't kill any one my posts. They are my words and thoughts and I must stand by them be it good or bad.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Cleveland Company on Mad Money

I admit I am bit biased since I know some people that work at Chart Industries.