Friday, February 11, 2011

Welcome Lakewood Observer Readers

It appears that there was some trouble this week over at the Observer Deck.

I was pointed to it, by a friend.

I have not followed the discussion until today. Don't know what the guy said in his original post, but he was using this post from March 2008 regarding the Section 8 map.

Suffice it say, it must have been pretty bad, since the guy was banned.

I am not going to interject my comments into the battle, but I did take some pause over a couple of comments that could be misconstrued as to indicate this site has caused problems for individuals. I am hoping the poster was indicating that the source of the map was the one causing the problems.

Hopefully, there will be a clarification on that point.

UPDATE: One other point that I need to mention. The link on the Deck to the March 2008 post, was killed on their end. I don't kill any one my posts. They are my words and thoughts and I must stand by them be it good or bad.

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