Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas to All

One of my favorite versions of the Little Drummer Boy

Please Remember Those on the Front Lines

Friday, December 12, 2008

Straight No Chaser - Friday

Since we are nearing Christmas and it seems that a Friday needs to be a little lighter then some of the others that I want to write about, so here is Straight No Chaser.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lakewood is in a tizzy - Decisions to make

Topic # 1

City Hall

Well, it seems that one of the many golden geese in Lakewood is about to be put aside. What is that you ask?

Why its backyard pickup for all the residents.

Several months ago the City announced that all multi-tenant apartments above five (5) units was going to lose its garbage pickup, the City claiming as a cost cutting measure announced that it was to drop the service. That is one goose that died, it doesn't really save a lot of money, but with the state the city's finances are in anything right now is a help.

Then just a couple of weeks ago, it was floated that the city was going to drop the backyard pickup in favor of a more automated system with all the garbage being picked up at curbside by an articulating armed truck.

Once again, the initial costs may not save a lot, but in the long run I bet it will save the city several hundred thousand dollars each fiscal year.

I believe that a lot of people will be upset by this move, but I thought 4 years ago this was a necessary move as a cost cutting issue.

I applaud Mayor FitzGerald and the City Council for taking a bold move into reducing costs. There is still few more things that could be done, but this is a major move forward for the City.

Topic # 2

Lakewood Library

Ken Warren has announced his retirement from the Library. Ken has done a magnificent job along with the board in creating a fine institution and now a spectacular facility in which to browse the literary world or words.

Personally, I think very highly of Ken, who occasionally stops in at this site and will offer his comments either here or via email.

Ken, Good Luck and I will be curious to hear what books you might be reading and if you are going to write one.

Topic # 3

Lakewood School Board

Chaz Geiger stunned the community by announcing his retirement from the Board, some are angered that he is leaving after only finishing one year of his 4 year term.
Quite frankly, I think he a right to step aside anytime he feels necessary.

Now the School is scrambling to not only to fill the the Superintendent's seat, but now finding someone to fill Mr. Geiger's seat until the November election.

So as I said Lakewood is a tizzy and people are having to make decisions, political ones and financial ones.

The political ones are who is going to step up for the School Board and coming into 2009, who might give a run at City Council.

The financial question - will there be even more cost cutting at City Hall?

There are some interesting time coming up! Stay tuned