Friday, February 29, 2008

Push Weekend

Well its the final weekend before the Primary on Tuesday.

The Obama camp is supposedly trying to knock on 1,000,000 doors in Ohio this weekend, the Clinton campaign is surely trying to something similar.

Just the received the latest missive from GOP 10th Congressional Candidate Jason Werner trying to show the differences between him and the Democratic Candidates, early this week he sent a a comparative between him and his opponent Jim "the Dirty Politician" Trakas (Werner's words not mine).

Joe Cimperman's campaign is doing the robocall thing to get votes. There is a problem with his calls, they can be construed as illegal because they have no disclaimers as to who paid for the calls and that as a Federal requirement, he has to be heard saying that he has approved the message, maybe more later on this if he gets by the Primary.

Here is an early prediction, a Russo will win his respective Judicial Primary for the Democrats. Mayor FitzGerald will lose his State Central Committee race.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Image is Everything in Politics

But this is an image that the Clinton Camp doesn't want floating around at all!

Photo from the Reuters from a stop in St. Clairsville High School (Southeast Ohio)!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Welcome to Cleveland Democratic Debate Fans!

Although its snowing and just plain miserable outside, the City of Cleveland will make sure everyone can get to the Wolstein Center in plenty of time for the debate.

This weather for Tim Russert, Washington Bureau Chief and Moderator of Meet the Press should be of no concern since he is used to it growing up on the South side of Buffalo.

So as long as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama along with couple of cameramen show up we can have a conversation.

I would like to ask this question of the two candidates, what is their definition of middle class in dollars and cents? Specifically, what is the high end?

Will I watch this debate, probably not, since after about a dozen debates what questions remain for the voters.

Where will I be, either at a Party meeting or at Lakewood Alive presentation on the financial crunch in the City of Lakewood.

There are a couple of questions that still remain, but that can't be answered until after the Ohio Primary.

With the latest poll numbers put out this morning, showing Senator Clinton's lead essentially with in the margin of error, it looks like one of those questions will be asked and answered after next Tuesday.

Monday, February 25, 2008

John McCain in Rocky River

Here are a few photos that I took this morning at the Town Hall event with Senator John McCain.

I was not a big fan of Senator McCain prior to this event, but he certainly began to turn my view around as to why I should vote for him in November.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dennis Kucinich

I have come across this blog. I don't know who writes it, but I like it. I am sure that Kucinich will make it through the Primary, so I am hoping this "No More Kuch" site gets really going.

This puts the way I feel about Kucinich;

How long can we as a congressional district stand behind a person who hasn't accomplished anything in years. Kucinich was once a representative of the average working guy, someone who cared about being a Democrat. There was a time when he actually worked to make progress for us all.

Judge For Yourself

Once again the five area bar associations which have created the Judicial Candidates Ratings Coalition have put out their ratings for the contested Judicial races for Cuyahoga County and the March 4th primary.

If you are unsure about how the lawyers feel about the candidates, go check out what the Bar Associations have to say.

If you are a Democrat, than here is my pick for the Common Pleas Judge for the term beginning 2/9/09. James W. Satola.

Full disclosure, I have worked with Jim at Squire Sanders and Dempsey and I find him to be very competent in explaining issues about the law, so that anyone with little or no knowledge about the law will understand his decisions.

So fill in the dot on your ballot for James W. Satola.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Voting in Ohio is Open

Received my ballot yesterday in the mail, since there was not much decision necessary as to the Presidential and the Congressional races, I sat down and filled it out in five minutes.

Mailed it back to the BOE this morning!

Speaking of voting, my old home state is finally getting rid of the old lever machines for optical scanners, similar to the ones demanded by Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, but unlike Ohio they are not being jammed down the throats of the County Election officials, but they are going to take their time and insert them into the election process by the November 2009.

Friday, February 08, 2008

10th District Congressional Race

Last night I recieved a ROBOCALL from Dennis Kucinich regarding the upcoming primary, I was ready for the request for money to his campaign, but what I wasn't expecting was to have a request for a yard sign!

Is this a sign of desperation by the Re-Elect Committee or this just another avenue in which to utilize low cost efforts to get the message out?

I have to admit, there are a few houses that have routinely had DENNIS! signs up over the past elections, but either they don't have them or they have Cimperman or Ferris signs. Seems to me that perhaps there is a slow bleed going on in Kucinich campaign.

Where are the loyal Kucinich supporters? Two years ago, I got a few calls from them and I even debated with one on the phone. Perhaps maybe because I was listed on the Democratic party rolls then and not so much now!

Friday, February 01, 2008



Alabama 48 60
Alaska 29 18
Arizona 53 67
Arkansas 34 47
California 173 440
Colorado 46 70
Connecticut 30 61
Delaware 18 23
Georgia 72 103
Idaho 32 23
Illinois 70 185
Kansas (Democrats Only)
GOP 2/9/08 39 40
Massachusetts 43 121
Minnesota 41 88
Missouri 58 88
New Jersey 52 127
New Mexico (Democrats Only) 38
New York 101 280
North Dakota 26 21
Oklahoma 41 47
Tennessee 55 85
Utah 36 29
West Virginia 30 37

GOP At STAKE: 1015
Needed for Nomination: 1191 of 2380

Needed for Nomination: 2025 of 4049

Remove the Ramps

I have been keeping an eye on this whole project dreamed up by then Cleveland Mayor Campbell in turning the West Shoreway into a Boulevard to create more access for those who live on the other side or South side of the Shoreway to Edgwater Park.

I hear of developers who have built and are contemplating additional residential construction along this area, that this is necessary to help sell the developments not only for financing but to prospective owners.

What I am having a hard time understanding is that what real use is this land for residential purposes.

When you look at the shoreway, on the south side there is some residential, but mostly commerical properties. Now here is where I am just baffled, on the North side of the shoreway heading east from West Blvd and Lake you have the following:

1) Edgwater State Park
2) Edgwater Marina
3) Water Treatment plant
4) Port Authority - Iron Ore dock
5) City of Cleveland - Water Pummping Station
6) Cargill Salt Mine
7) CMHA Housing
8) Another Marina

Not to mention the boat storage facilitiy, the tug boat operations and during the winter time Lake Freighter dockage. Finally, Whiskey Island and the old Coast Guard Station.

I just don't see how changing the traffic flow will help create new development when you have nothing really to see with all the other stuff sitting on the shoreline.

I just don't get it. Anyone out there who understand this, please drop a comment below.

GOP Presidential Primary

Chris Muir, the creator of Day by Day has summed up the way I feel about the GOP Primary.

Click to enlarge