Friday, February 01, 2008

Remove the Ramps

I have been keeping an eye on this whole project dreamed up by then Cleveland Mayor Campbell in turning the West Shoreway into a Boulevard to create more access for those who live on the other side or South side of the Shoreway to Edgwater Park.

I hear of developers who have built and are contemplating additional residential construction along this area, that this is necessary to help sell the developments not only for financing but to prospective owners.

What I am having a hard time understanding is that what real use is this land for residential purposes.

When you look at the shoreway, on the south side there is some residential, but mostly commerical properties. Now here is where I am just baffled, on the North side of the shoreway heading east from West Blvd and Lake you have the following:

1) Edgwater State Park
2) Edgwater Marina
3) Water Treatment plant
4) Port Authority - Iron Ore dock
5) City of Cleveland - Water Pummping Station
6) Cargill Salt Mine
7) CMHA Housing
8) Another Marina

Not to mention the boat storage facilitiy, the tug boat operations and during the winter time Lake Freighter dockage. Finally, Whiskey Island and the old Coast Guard Station.

I just don't see how changing the traffic flow will help create new development when you have nothing really to see with all the other stuff sitting on the shoreline.

I just don't get it. Anyone out there who understand this, please drop a comment below.

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