Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A little bit of tinkering going on

I realized that when I shifted over to the new background the links field didn't transfer over, so I was adding and subtracting some links.

So some of the blogs that I read are now back and listed on the left hand side of this column.

Go check them out.

Speaking of tinkering --the day after the election the Mayor is asked by the Lakewood Sun Post about the ability for the City to raise the utility and sewer rates without voter approval, his response made it sound like that he will be making those increases in the next budget. So hang on to the wallets folks, here comes another subtle tax increase!

That money better be going to street/sewer repair!!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Another Day After

Well I went back to work this morning and began the first day in 11 months of not having to think about the campaign. But really all I did was talk about it. Co-workers were asking about the results and I how I felt. I heard the Abraham Lincoln line about how he lost all of his elections until he won for President. Now if I was only 6+ feet tall and have beard, that would be cool.

I called the winners to offer my congratulations and offer my support for anything that they may need for the next four years. I kind hope they take me up on it.

I tried to talk with all my siblings to thank them for their love and support over the past few months, some where home others not but the sentiment was left on the answering machine.

What I am going to do now you ask, well, sleep for one. I am going to concentrate on my job and also learn a little bit about Asperger Syndrome so I can help my Godchild. The other thing I am going to do is spend some time with Rita, she deserves to have me all to herself for awhile.

As for this site I am going to keep it going and talk about the issues out in the forefront and give you my take on it.

So to end this campaign and this eleven month journey of Lakewood Politics,

Thanks for Commin' - Thanks for havin' us!!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

It's Over

Vote for 3
(With 69 of 69 precincts counted)







Not the outcome that I wanted, but the jury spoke and they wanted this.

Jacky, Tom, Andrew and Especially my Little Katie J.

"Be Not afraid, I go before you, come follow me and I will give you rest"


After nearly 5 months, 30,000 pieces of literature, several thousands doors, several hundred letters and phone calls and many miles walked, I can do no more than stand around and watched people vote.

This past weekend we conducted our last blitz, we distributed nearly 5,000 pieces of literature and covered nearly the entire city with my comparison piece. We walked in every precinct in Ward 2 and all but 3 in Wards 1 & 3 and except for the apartments in Ward 4 we walked in all but 5 precincts.

My family came into town and hammered away lists, my volunteers continued to work hard to bring about change. My Mom again sat by the phone and called people to remind them to vote.

The Democrats did not hit us like I thought they would, they in fact created confusion by sending out two pieces of literature of their own that listed the candidates that were endorsed by the City Democratic party and the other one paid for by one of the non-endorsed At-Large Democrat candidate listing the preferred candidates.

Thank you to all who have read this blog and have supported me along the way.

Until later tonight!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Final Days

Essentially we have three days to convince people to vote for us. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the true final days. There will be people who will not have their mind made up until they walk into the polls, but I would say a good majority will know who they will vote for by the end of this weekend.
Now it is just a matter of name recognition and getting that name in the voters mind over the next couple of days.

I have plans for that and have mobilized the family to help!

Rita is in Europe right now on business and will return in time for the final hours. Both sides of my family will be coming and going over the next several days to help with the get out to vote and just plain keeping my spirits and energy at a high level.

Here is my strategy - Finish in the TOP 3! It is that simple.

Tomorrow, I speak before a Social Studies class at Lakewood Senior High most of the kids will be either of or close to voting age, but I also think they may have some influence on their parents so it could be a good situation. The other candidates were also invited so I will be interested in seeing who will show up.

More about the campaign activities later on this weekend.