Thursday, November 03, 2005

Final Days

Essentially we have three days to convince people to vote for us. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the true final days. There will be people who will not have their mind made up until they walk into the polls, but I would say a good majority will know who they will vote for by the end of this weekend.
Now it is just a matter of name recognition and getting that name in the voters mind over the next couple of days.

I have plans for that and have mobilized the family to help!

Rita is in Europe right now on business and will return in time for the final hours. Both sides of my family will be coming and going over the next several days to help with the get out to vote and just plain keeping my spirits and energy at a high level.

Here is my strategy - Finish in the TOP 3! It is that simple.

Tomorrow, I speak before a Social Studies class at Lakewood Senior High most of the kids will be either of or close to voting age, but I also think they may have some influence on their parents so it could be a good situation. The other candidates were also invited so I will be interested in seeing who will show up.

More about the campaign activities later on this weekend.

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