Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Another Day After

Well I went back to work this morning and began the first day in 11 months of not having to think about the campaign. But really all I did was talk about it. Co-workers were asking about the results and I how I felt. I heard the Abraham Lincoln line about how he lost all of his elections until he won for President. Now if I was only 6+ feet tall and have beard, that would be cool.

I called the winners to offer my congratulations and offer my support for anything that they may need for the next four years. I kind hope they take me up on it.

I tried to talk with all my siblings to thank them for their love and support over the past few months, some where home others not but the sentiment was left on the answering machine.

What I am going to do now you ask, well, sleep for one. I am going to concentrate on my job and also learn a little bit about Asperger Syndrome so I can help my Godchild. The other thing I am going to do is spend some time with Rita, she deserves to have me all to herself for awhile.

As for this site I am going to keep it going and talk about the issues out in the forefront and give you my take on it.

So to end this campaign and this eleven month journey of Lakewood Politics,

Thanks for Commin' - Thanks for havin' us!!

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