Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Welcome to Cleveland Democratic Debate Fans!

Although its snowing and just plain miserable outside, the City of Cleveland will make sure everyone can get to the Wolstein Center in plenty of time for the debate.

This weather for Tim Russert, Washington Bureau Chief and Moderator of Meet the Press should be of no concern since he is used to it growing up on the South side of Buffalo.

So as long as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama along with couple of cameramen show up we can have a conversation.

I would like to ask this question of the two candidates, what is their definition of middle class in dollars and cents? Specifically, what is the high end?

Will I watch this debate, probably not, since after about a dozen debates what questions remain for the voters.

Where will I be, either at a Party meeting or at Lakewood Alive presentation on the financial crunch in the City of Lakewood.

There are a couple of questions that still remain, but that can't be answered until after the Ohio Primary.

With the latest poll numbers put out this morning, showing Senator Clinton's lead essentially with in the margin of error, it looks like one of those questions will be asked and answered after next Tuesday.

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