Friday, February 29, 2008

Push Weekend

Well its the final weekend before the Primary on Tuesday.

The Obama camp is supposedly trying to knock on 1,000,000 doors in Ohio this weekend, the Clinton campaign is surely trying to something similar.

Just the received the latest missive from GOP 10th Congressional Candidate Jason Werner trying to show the differences between him and the Democratic Candidates, early this week he sent a a comparative between him and his opponent Jim "the Dirty Politician" Trakas (Werner's words not mine).

Joe Cimperman's campaign is doing the robocall thing to get votes. There is a problem with his calls, they can be construed as illegal because they have no disclaimers as to who paid for the calls and that as a Federal requirement, he has to be heard saying that he has approved the message, maybe more later on this if he gets by the Primary.

Here is an early prediction, a Russo will win his respective Judicial Primary for the Democrats. Mayor FitzGerald will lose his State Central Committee race.

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