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Tomorrow's election for Governor is really a touchy feely plan versus a plan with specifics about how to deal with Ohio's problems. This race is also about an ineffectual congressman versus an accomplished Secretary of State/Ambassador.

Now those in the Democrat party believe this race is about new leadership with out corruption versus someone who has been a part of the problem for the past 16 years of Republican leadership.

The Democrats in Ohio believe that the ONLY reason George W. Bush is still in the White House is because J. Kenneth Blackwell rigged the election to help him. If you read the some of the online forums they still think he can do it for the Governor's race.

But, lets get back the title of this post; If you read Ted Strickland's plans for Ohio:

1. Provide every child a fair start through access to high-quality early care and education.

2. Create schools that work for every child by giving teachers the tools and technology they need to stimulate creative, problem-solving students to power Ohio's 21st century economy.

3. Dramatically increase the number of students in Ohio's colleges and universities by broadening access and ensuring that those who attend succeed and graduate with a degree that counts.

4. Focus on Ohio's strengths by building on Ohio's regional economies and globally competitive industries, spurring small and mid-size business growth, supporting emerging entrepreneurs in our cities, fostering innovation and unleashing the potential of Ohio's great universities and investing in next generation energy as a job source as well as a resource.

5. Provide all Ohioans the opportunities to attain skills for high-quality jobs.

6. Stabilize health costs for government and businesses alike and advance the health of our citizens by increasing the number of Ohioans who have access to affordable, high-quality healthcare, preventing illnesses and injury and focusing on community-based services for children, families, older adults and persons with disabilities.

7. Retain, create and attract jobs worthy of Ohio workers by focusing on industry sectors in which Ohio companies are growing, and which will spur our economy to generate wealth and prosperity for the future.

Whereas you look at Ken Blackwell's plan you get specifics about a Jobs fund; Privatizing the Ohio Turnpike, reducing Malpractice insurance; help the schools better utilize the funding they already receive, plus the following on Jobs and Taxes;

Jobs & the Economy -

We need more jobs. Ohio was ranked 47th in job creation in 2005. This is the greatest challenge facing our state today. We need to change the way we do business if we want to spur economic growth. Government does not create wealth. Entrepreneurs, individuals and families are the ones who take risks, innovate, create, and grow our economy. Ohio needs to create a pro-job, pro-growth, business friendly environment in order to rebuild our economy.

The status quo is destroying Ohioans economy. Out of control tax and spend policies have created the mess we are in. What the State government has imposed on Ohioans is a travesty.

In the last ten years our state budget has increased by 71% and thrown our economy and its citizens into economic turmoil. Ohio leads the nation in increased government spending. The current fiscal policies have failed. Ohio has moved from eleventh to the third most tax burdened state in the union. And it's getting worse! The latest budget raises taxes $4.24 billion and claims to be tax reform because in four years, Ohioans will receive $1.96 billion in tax decreases. This is not tax reform. This maintains the status quo and we need a change. The out-of-control spending of the state government has to stop. Ken Blackwell's Job Creating Agenda In order to spur economic growth we need to put the brakes on out of control spending and lower Ohioans tax burden. A" Control Government Spending Ken Blackwell led the charge to enact strong fiscal guardrails into Ohio's budgeting process that all future governors and legislatures must follow. As a result of Secretary Blackwell's strong advocacy and willingness to take spending restraints directly to the voters, the General Assembly passed historic spending controls into law – marking the first time in Ohio history that the legislature placed spending limits on itself. The spending control reins in out of control spending and forces state government to live within its means; something all Ohioans must do. This common sense approach to spending control will curb state government's appetite for unlimited spending, and create an environment favorable to cutting taxes and creating jobs.

(This is the part that drives the Democrats really crazy)

Facts about Ohio's state spending controls: It will require all budget spending increases to be limited at 3.5% annually or the rate of inflation, plus the increase in population; Any additional spending would require a supermajority vote and; The Ohio Legislative Service Commission reports that the TEL legislation would have reduced spending by $11.8 billion between 1994 and 2002. Reducing Ohio's Tax Burden is a restrained and responsible government spending model, these are the tax policies Ken Blackwell is proposing: First, over a four year period, Ken Blackwell would convert our income tax to a single rate system, with the target rate of 3.25%.

This will simplify the tax structure and be a more growth oriented approach. This will also have the added benefit of reducing tax on capital gains, which Ohio treats as regular income. Second, we will eliminate the stand alone estate tax. In conjunction with this elimination, we will increase the definition of residency for tax purposes from the current 120 days to 180 days or more. This will put Ohio in a much more competitive position. Third, Ken Blackwell will keep the promise made and repeal the sales tax increase so we return to a 5% sales tax rate. Ken Blackwell has led the charge to repeal the 20% increase in the sales tax while both Ken Blackwell's opponents supported the tax increase. It was sold to the public as temporary tax but a portion is now being made permanent. Fourth, we must exempt energy consumption from the Commercial Activity Tax (CAT).

JOBS Fund As our economy continues to falter, we can no longer rely on business as usual. We must innovate. We must take risks. Ohio must use every resource available to create new jobs. Ken Blackwell's JOBS Fund proposal will allow an unprecedented push for economic development without depleting funds needed for other state services. Ohioans economy needs massive, immediate help. Ken's proposal to privatize the Ohio Turnpike will generate a $6 billion JOBS (Jobs for Ohio Businesses) Fund exclusively for job development. Without increasing tolls or reducing maintenance, its job-building projects will offer worker retraining, entrepreneurial starter loans, cheaper, cleaner energy research and improved rural and Appalachian broadband access. This is good news for families and those who care about creating jobs and growing the economy.

As you can see, Strickland is long on ideas, but short on specifics, whereas, Blackwell is long on ideas and long on specifics I believe that the voters of Ohio are tired of ineffectual leadership over the past 8 years with Bob Taft as Governor, but if they elect Ted Strickland, that Taft like leadership will continue for 4 more years.

Let's move Ohio forward - VOTE KEN BLACKWELL for GOVERNOR

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