Monday, November 06, 2006

DeWine for the United States Senate

This race really should not have been as close as it was, Brown did a good job of establishing himself once he got the party to rid themselves of Paul Hackett.

DeWine has not done a terrific job of defending his record in the Senate. I think part of his problem was that he really hasn't been tested in a State wide election where he has been the incumbent.

It's my opinion that at this juncture with the way the economy is looking to move upward at a good pace, we need a Senator with Seniority in a key position to help with Ohio's problems.

I think this will be a lot closer than the polls indicate, if the Republicans can motivate their base especially in the Central Ohio and outlying Metropolitan areas than Senator DeWine has a chance to be re-elected. Otherwise, its Brown's seat and the Democrats pick up a seat in the Senate and possibly control of the Senate.

But I believe Mike DeWine is the better choice for the U. S. Senate

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