Wednesday, November 01, 2006


ISSUE 2 is a bad precedent, no way should there be a Constitutional Amendment establishing the minimum wage. Especially based on the Consumer Price Index!

I just can't imagine the nightmare the payroll and accounting folks who will have to maintain these records for three years after an employee leaves his/her job. Not to mention having to keep track of the CPI for all your employees.

What is also so wonderful about this Issue, is the penalties for the Companies who are found in violation of the law. 2x of the amount of the back wages, plus if its a retaliatory action the company will get nailed for not less than $150 per day for each day of the violation. Remember the State can instigate an investigation at any time just ensure compliance.

How is that for the Business Owner, the knock at the door maybe either the IRS or the Department of Wage Control and my guess after a while one investigation will lead to the other.

I just don't see how this will benefit the businesses in this state, to cover the increases the companies will have to increase their prices there by negating the any increase the minimum wage worker just got. It is truly a vicious cycle.

I predict that if this Issue passes that with in 5 years Ohio will lose 10 - 20,000 businesses taking with double that number in jobs.

Think Lakewood has problems with empty store fronts now, wait a few years it will be worse!


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