Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Blackeye State

If you were a Republican in Ohio yesterday, that is what we got on Election Day!

Let's see I was wrong:


U. S. Senate

Attorney General - (Incredible to me that a guy with his record got through!)

U.S. Congress 10th District -
Very much wishful thinking on part, since the District is 60% Democrat.

Issue 2 -
Still can't believe that one - Will make Strickland's job harder to promote business growth here!

Ah heck, let's face it I was wrong more times than I was right!

Ladies & Gentlemen, what you witnessed last night was an ole' fashion "throw the bums out" election.

What's next, time to re-group and begin figuring out who will run in 2007 for Lakewood Mayor and the 4 Ward Council seats.

Memo to Dennis Kucinich - Better start fundraising, someone has already begun to campaign against you in 2008!


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. Democracy really sucks when you have to let someone you disagree with govern.

THCARR said...

Living in Lakewood I have been disagreeing with those who govern for long time, so Tuesday's results only broaden that feeling.
In fact I don't expect much good government at all for the next 2-4 years.

Anonymous said...

Hey you handsome Irishman...I'm dying to know who is planning a run against Dennis?...The Mayor of LKWD?...City Council?....What do you think of Guiliani's exploratory committee?...He's everything I'm against socially BUT I'd vote for him cuz he would be a great leader and businessman...we have to start running government like a business..there would be sooooooo much less waste!....Also I'm disappointed that Michael Steele wasn't tapped for RNC chairman!...Your thoughts Great O'MahaCarroll.