Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Endorsement Time

As I stated in the previous post, I go before the Lakewood Hospitality Association tonight in what I assume will be their way of figuring out who to endorse, if anybody. Not sure if its a paper endorsement or an offer to financially support the candidates. We will just have to see.

Last night I received word that I have been endorsed by the Republican Party of Cuyahoga County, I am thankful of the endorsement and hope that it will open up some financial doors for contributions.

Speaking of contributions, letters have gone out to close family and friends and the envelopes are coming back and I want to say THANK YOU. We are roughly at the half way mark for what we had budgeted for these letters, So again THANK YOU.

OH By The Way -- In the previous post the picture is of LeBron James (he is the one laughing), he is the basketball player who jumped from High School to the Professional ranks back in 2003. He was being sued for $15 Million dollars for breach of an oral contract. After 3 days of testimony and roughly 2 hours of deliberation from the Jury, they found that he didn't breach the contract. SO, it was a good day for the home team. I am working on getting the photograph autographed by him, his mother and his surrogate father (both are sitting next to me in the photo)

Now besides getting ready for the primary, I am also getting ready for another trial here in Cleveland. That is scheduled to go either Sept. 21st, 28th or Oct. 5th (the day after the primary)

Ah such is the life of a Paralegal and Candidate!

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