Sunday, August 14, 2005


Tomorrow will be the 50 day mark until the Primary. It is amazing how the time has just flown along.
A lot of little things are starting to roll on, we bought the yardsigns (if you want one go to my website and reserve one), received a letter from the Sun Post about their endorsement interview; received a letter from the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce about their Candidates Forum which will take place after the Primary; Fundraising letters are going out this week. Trying to schedule a blitz weekend for September.
Without being presumptuous we are trying to plan for the run between the primary and the General November 8th.
I have been getting a lot of questions about how I feel towards the election, I feel comfortable on getting through the Primary, its the General that is the bigger mountain to climb. But I am willing to climb it!

No door to door for me this week, I will be working on a trial in the Akron area. Will fill you on that at a later time.

Here is the photo of Tater Tot, she will hang out in my room while I am working here at the computer. This photo was taken as she was peering out from underneath the Love seat, she is recovering from her injuries. The stitches from her hernia operation came out last week and she got her shots and worming medicine, she was pretty groggy all last weekend. The Vet said we can let her run around now, so she does!

Well, I guess I have rambled long enough -- I may post during the trial but don't know for sure!

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