Sunday, October 30, 2005


I have been busy with work that last few weeks. So there has been little time to write in this blog. I have been continuing to go out on the stump during the weekends trying to drum up support for votes on November 8th.

There were two Candidates Forums in as many weeks. One was held by the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce and the other was by the League of Women Voters.

I felt that I held my own on the Q & A, in fact I believe that I distinguished myself between the candidates who finished just ahead of me, so I feel right now that I have a decent shot at finishing third. I just have to make sure the people get out to vote to support my candidacy.

While I was tied up during the week with work, Rita was out knocking on doors drumming up votes and handling some of the scheduling and organizing of volunteers and mailers.

With out a doubt she has been the greatest gift in my life!

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