Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Level the Playing Field

Received this email from another Democrat who wants to use other people money to bring about change:

From: Sen. Ron Wyden, DSCC
Subject: Level the Playing Field


Electing a Democratic Senate in November is the best way to stop George Bush's destructive agenda as soon as possible. It's so important to me as a Vice-Chairman of the DSCC that I will personally match - dollar-for-dollar and with my own campaign funds - the next $150,000 contributed to the DSCC's $500,000 end-of-quarter fundraising goal.

We need to meet that goal so that our candidates can compete with the Republicans on a level playing field in every key state. In every state where Democrats are taking on a Republican incumbent senator, our opponents have a significant advantage in their campaign war chests. Some of these incumbents are already using those extra resources to saturate the airwaves and frame the debate.

The DSCC's job is to give Democratic Senate candidates the resources they need to fight back. When you make a contribution right now, I'll stretch your dollar even further in our campaign to elect a Democratic Senate.

We must take back the Senate as soon as possible to undo the damage caused by five years total Republican control in Washington. Only a Democratic Senate will put our safety first and refuse to sell our national security to the highest bidder. Only a Democratic Senate will take real action to rein in skyrocketing health care costs and make sure every American gets the care he or she needs. Only a Democratic Senate will make a credible commitment to energy independence. Only a Democratic Senate will restore the duty of Congressional oversight. Only a Democratic Senate will be committed to fixing George Bush's mistakes.

We can ensure that those who make bad decisions that cost American lives, those who award bad contracts to enrich their friends and those who willfully violate the Constitution are held accountable for their deeds. If we are to earn the majority by electing a Democratic Senate in November we have to get started as soon as possible. Our mission is so important that I am willing to personally match the next $150,000 contributed towards the DSCC's $500,000 end-of-quarter fundraising goal, but to succeed, I need your help. Don't wait another minute. Please make a contribution today.

The DSCC will put your donation to work immediately in its campaign to stop George Bush's extreme agenda.

Remember, the DSCC plays a unique role in Senate elections across the country. The DSCC is the only organization that watches every race every day and makes sure our Democratic Senate candidates have the resources they need to succeed.

When you make a contribution today, I'll match it dollar-for-dollar, effectively doubling your gift. There's never been a better time to take action for a Democratic Senate. I'm counting on you.


Ron Wyden

Go ahead Senator Wyden, be a good Democrat and use other people's money to advance your cause. You and the rest of your Democratic pals have been doing that for years.

These emails are so nauseating that I just can't turn away, I have to know what bone headed idea they will come up with next.

Please Senator, let me know if you have made your goal!


Anonymous said...

Your blog is seem to be FULL of yourself!

THCARR said...

I have been accused of that before, so I hope I keep you amused.

Anonymous said...

You were mentioned in the LKWD BUZZ under "Political Parties"....Hope you have thick skin.......xoxo.

Anonymous said...

That's one way to Fundraise!