Saturday, April 29, 2006

Republican Primary - Governor

Well we are in the last 72 hours of the Primary battle. The phone calls are being made, literature being distributed and parties being planned for Tuesday night.

In fact I did a little GOTV telephone calls myself for the Candidate of my choice. Most of the calls were receptive to my candidate, a few were totally opposed to him and there were still a few who openly admitted that they have not made the decision yet.

That is not surprising giving the ferociousness of the media campaign for all the major guberntorial candidates, even Flannery/Stams had commercials on. People may be still trying to hash out what is true and what is contrived information from the background checks.

The race for Governor is an important one, because for the past 8 years we have had a totally ineffective Governor. This state is in need of a solid person, who will not back down from a fight either with the Lobbyists or the State House or even Washington. We are need of someone to figure ways to bring businesses back to Ohio. I am not talking about big business, I am talking about companies that create jobs of less than 1000 people and down. That is what this State needs, do any of the four Candidates have that ability -- well I can only hope!

For the sake of this entry, I am eliminating the TEL Amendment issue because I just don't know enough about to make and informed decision on it. Although, just today I saw a letter signed by all the Republican Mayors of Cuyahoga County indicating their disagreement with it. For what its worth, it was published by the Petro for Governor Committee.

At times I have been disappointed in both campaigns to point of not voting for either of them and sitting out the Governor's Primary all together.

Some of the high points of the promises that each has made:


  • Wants to reduce the numbers State agencies through elimination and consolidation, thereby saving the State up to $2 billion -- smaller government is the main plank of the GOP.
  • privatized the Economic development - making less dependent on the State budget
  • Reduce the cost of higher education; He wants to reduce tuition for Ohio Students


  • Control Government spending (this is where I believe the TEL Amendment comes into play)
  • Reducing income taxes to a simpler form (I have always considered this a flat tax ala Steve Forbes)
  • Reducing the Sales Tax
  • Privatization of the Turnpike, with the savings used to create a "JOBS FUND"
  • Education Funding - He touts the 65 cent rule for school systems (I would have talk with a School superintendent to determine if this viable)

I am not looking at the Pro-Life/Abortion and the Marriage issues because that is more a personal issue for me and should be decided by the individual voter.

Now, the Blackwell people say they are ahead in the polls by a dozen points across the state, the Petro people say that they are within the margin of error, but admit they are behind.

The way I see it Petro camp is hoping to win the Northern Ohio vote and steal from Franklin and Hamilton County enough to put them over the top; The Blackwell folks are looking at the I-71, I-75 and I-77 and I-90 race, basically win all the counties that border the major highways and they win.

I see a split in the state based on an comment by Mayor George last year. That comment was that if he had to make a choice on a down state candidate and one from NEOhio, he would take the NEOhio person because he felt that person would be more willing to help the area. I can see that logic and have used it in previous elections here in Ohio and back in my home state of New York.

Will I use it here - NO - because the way I see this race breaking down is the race will be won along the center part of the state, such as in Mansfield, Canton Steubenville, look at a map and find State Route 30. I think the rural counties will be the tipping points. The race will be tight in the big cities and counties. So look to see what the returns are in Ashland, Stark, Jefferson, Miami and all the counties along that line.

Through all the ads and rhetoric, my vote will be based on last summer and the BWC scandal and the report had come indicating that the Security and Exchange Commission had sent letters to Jim Petro regarding their concerns about the investment of funds, Petro is quoted as saying that he didn't think that those concerns warranted an investigation.

As one who works for a law firm and has been involved with clients who received similar letters from the SEC, it is usually an all out effort to appease the SEC. Here the Chief Lawyer of the State didn't think much of these letters. To me that is reprehensible and is not worthy of my willingness hire Petro for the job.

I say vote Ken Blackwell.

I believe Mr. Blackwell will stand up and fight, we may not always like it, but after 8 years of nothingness it will be a refreshing change.

What will interesting to watch will be the minority vote, will they stay true to the Democrats or will they cross over.

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