Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Someone commented in one of my posts about the following and wondering if I had a thick skin;

The following was posted in the Lakewood Buzz;

"Whooo. I was just checking out my old City of Lakewood. Sad, very sad. Tim Carroll has a pathetic web page. Like who cares? This is the middle aged guy that let Ryan Demro run his campaign. Lakewood is so sad when it comes to its political parties. Demro is the kid running the Republican Party and Fitzgerald is the older kid running the Democratic Party. My old city appears to be giving up."

"Mr. No Bull - A Buzy Buzzer"

Well all I have to say is at least I put my oar in the water and tried to make a difference. That is all the time I can give to this individual.

He does one point that it is sad that the state of politics is as it is in Lakewood. Perhaps if more people would openly get involved and quit hiding in online forums the city would benefit from the different ideas.
But, instead we have the few people attending the Council meetings on a regular basis and then we have the friends of either the Mayor or Council sitting on the City commissions and boards.

Yes Demro, Fitzgerald and the Mayor disagree on issues but at least they are trying to make Lakewood better.

Well Mr. No Bull, I will look for your name on the ballot in 2007 for the Ward seats or in 2009 for the at-Large seats, whoever you are--But I would really doubt that he/she will get up from behind the keyboard to make an honest effort at changing things.

This kind of stuff is the reason I prefer the Observation Deck over at the Lakewood Observer site, there the everyone must identify themselves.

Perhaps after second thought I should offer Mr. No Bull some space here to espouse his theories on Lakewood politics since he seems to have all the answers.

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