Saturday, July 22, 2006

Response from the Observation Deck

Below, is a response I made on the Lakewood Observation Deck.

Mr. Anderson was asking about what he could do to hear the true story about the soldiers and what he could do to help them.

Mr. Anderson,
If you are want to hear what the soldiers' think, then visit There are literally hundreds of sites or bloggers who are writing about their lives in Afghanistan, Iraq, as well as Stateside and even Kosovo. There are many other sites written by former military personnel and family members of active duty.
Mr. Batdorf lead you to a few of the major organizations helping the troops, let me point you to a few more
All of these help the soldiers and families of wounded soldiers.
To help you along as to the needs of the soldiers, next time you are the store buy extra pens, pencils, crayons and coloring books or toys and send them to a soldier, because next to all the supplies in their Humvees and APCs, they are reaching for those non-lethal types of items when they see kids in the streets. For the soldiers themselves, they would like bug repellent, baby wipes and also the soldiers after being out on patrol, sometimes need a diversion to relieve themselves of the stress of those patrols so they tend to read, so send them some books (but not any from Ken Warren's place)Depending if you like the Mr. Bush's policies or not, I invite all the LO Deck to visit these sites and learn about what is done for all five of the branches of the military. Because no matter who is in the White House, those men and women are still there to protect all of us no matter the political affiliation.

If you want click on the links on my blogroll and hear some of the stories of the heros of our time!

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