Friday, September 15, 2006

Path to 9-11

As a similar post to below, I did watch the ABC docu-drama "Path to 9-11". As the disclaimer states the "movie" is based on the 9-11 Commission Report and from various interviews, I have to believe based on the dialog that they interviewed Richard Clarke and ABC's John Miller quite extensively since I felt it made these two guys out to be quite the heros. Perhaps they used Miller to tell the story of John O'Neil who ended up dying in the WTC.

As to all the hysteria brought on by the Clinton minions leading up to the showing, I think they told that portion as clearly has had been brought out in other writings about their involvement with eradicating UBL. I also think the Bush administration doesn't come off all that great either.

But, you do have to wonder if someone had said yes to taking out UBL, would we be here today?
As we all know hindsight is 20/20.

I felt the scenes depicting the hijackings were well done and at times very intense. Yet, it was still very sad to watch.

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F said...

As to the "Blame the Clintons" hysteria that seemed to be the focus of the producers and the Republican appologists, one thing people seem to forget...when Clinton was President, 9/11 had not yet happened, so post 9/11 it is easy to look back and see what was not done, but remember the country was in a pre-9/11 mentality at the time. Both administrations have much to be blamed for, remember Bush was given the "Bin Laden intends to strike USA briefing and promptly went fishing.