Friday, October 27, 2006

The General Election - 2006 - Part 1

As I did for the Primary, I will handicap the races and issues that appear on the Lakewood ballot, some will be easy to pick others I am not so sure.

Let's get an easy one out of the way: ATTORNEY GENERAL

This race will be over early, Betty Montgomery in a walk. The only question I will have will be how big the margin will be.

Marc Dann did a horrible job of trying to paint himself as the best person to be the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of this state, he kept tripping over his own problems, I still think Subodh Chandra was the better choice for the Democrats.

But it really doesn't matter who the Democrats put against Betty, she was going to crush anybody.

If Ken Blackwell loses the Governor's race (more on this later), figure Montgomery as the leading Republican candidate in 2010 Governor's race.

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