Sunday, October 08, 2006

What a Surprise!

The Plain Dealer endorsing Ted Strickland for Governor!

If I were Strickland's Campaign Advisors I really wouldn't be dancing in the streets too much, as I view their endorsement as the lesser of two evils.

The second paragraph speaks volumes as to what the Editorial Board thinks of Ted Strickland's ideas -- "Democrat Ted Strickland projects steadiness, but often appears stunningly free of vision. "

Here is another
"Besides, the ideas Strickland has been willing to advance so far are solid, and we are relatively confident he will continue to surround himself with smart people who can help him implement and expand upon them. "

The Plain Dealer is relatively confident about Strickland's plans -- Please we just had 8 years of Relativity, we need someone with leadership with forward thinking!

The Plain Dealer is afraid that Ken Blackwell will burn down the government to move Ohio forward, well perhaps its high time for that to happen -- anyone got a match!

I am assuming that the Plain Dealer in the 10th District Race, will either back track their Primary choice and endorse Kucinich or will not endorse either candidate.

As I have already tipped my hand on the Governor's race, I will have more to say on that and all the other races including the Judges over the next couple of weeks.

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