Monday, March 05, 2007

The Bush Inquisition

Recently, I have read that a Sub committee of the House Judiciary Committee is beginning to prepare subpoenas to the Bush Administration regarding the firing of several U. S. Attorneys.
The Democratic Party seems to want to question the Department of Justice as to the reasoning for the firings. Implied in the Democrats position is that the firings were politically motivated with no real justification.

My first thought when I read this, is this the first cut of a thousand paper cuts that will eventually lead to the full on interrogation of the Bush Administration for the War on Iraq and the War on Terror and the "erosion of rights" that Democrats have campaigned on during last year's elections.

As I further read in subsequent articles and blogs, it appears that some of these U. S. Attorneys were not fully prosecuting the policies of the Government. If that is the case, then they were rightly fired. But, I also think that those positions are appointments are made by the President and as that line goes, "you serve at the pleasure of the President", so the Administration has every right to fire anybody it wants to.

I still go back to my initial thought, I believe that these subpoenas are only the first baby step on a two year long pay back of the Clinton scandal, only instead of harming the administration, this could have a long term effect on the way we deal with policies on the international stage.

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