Monday, April 16, 2007

Crazy Council Chaos

It has been reported that there was an Emergency Meeting held on Friday in Council Chambers at City Hall. The purpose was to remove Bob Seelie as President of Council.

So the story goes the meeting was called by Kevin Butler (Ward 1), Ryan Demro (Ward 2), Ed Fitzgerald and Mike Dever(At-Large). Seelie was not in town so was unable to make the meeting.

The reason for the removal is because Seelie is not moving fast enough to stem the budgetary woes of the City.

The reasoning about Seelie is nothing new, the timing of this is interesting as well as who called the meeting.

It also does not surprise me that Dever rescinded his support for the removal. The wind was blowing against him so he tacked towards the wind to sail out of harms way.

Not that it looks like a petty political ploy by Fitzgerald and Demro, Butler may get some out gas on this during the upcoming elections, but he should be fairly un-blemished.

Politically, the George supporters are loving this because it paints Demro and Fitzgerald in a bad light.

I am heading to the Council meeting tonight to catch some of the side show that might take place.

Update: Went to Council meeting - Separate post about it.

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