Tuesday, April 03, 2007

From the Demro Rally

The scene is set, I arrived a little early to make sure I caught a glimpse of the people who were showing their support.

Suzanne Metelko opened the event talking about the youth movement in politics today, by stating the Younger politicians are more impatient with the system and are willing to upset the apple cart a little to get things moving.

Then she introduced Representative Josh Mandel.

Josh spoke off the cuff for a just a few minutes, he spoke about moving cities forward no matter which one you live in.

Cited the often used phrase so goes Lakewood, so goes the County.

Then it was Demro's turn to announce the secret that everyone in the room heard about several weeks ago. I had anticipated this back when I ran in 2005, so its no real surprise to me.

You can watch the whole speech in the post below. So I won't go into word by word.
The question remains for all three candidates, do they have enough support to run the table.
Is there enough dissatisfaction with the George administration to vote him out?
Is there a real hard record for Ed Fitzgerald to overcome either Demro or George?
Is Demro's youth going be a factor? Is his stance on the various issues he has championed going to be a plus or a minus?
The main question is, are one of these candidates ready to make hard financial choices to stabilize the budget?

Judging by who was at this rally I would say the dissatisfaction for Mayor George is apparent, it certainly was apparent to me in 2005.
As to Fitzgerald's record I believe to be satisfactory, but not an outstanding one, with being one of the more senior Council members you think it would be a longer list.
I guess we will see, this is going to be a long summer.
I also must say I really hate the election schedule again this year. Primary is slated for October 2nd and then the General 35 days later on November 6th.
I have a feeling that because of the compact election schedule, this going to be an expensive race, this will be one area which will separate the candidates.
The last 35 days will be occasional door to door, a lot of public appearances and a lot of mailers. As I said earlier, it will be question of support, can Demro bring out the Republicans and disaffected Independents, can Fitzgerald and George hold there supporters in line and hope to steal other votes.
Will the voters of Lakewood at the end of it all be sick and tired of the backstabbing that could very well take place with these three in the race.
Time will only tell.

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