Friday, September 28, 2007


In just a few days the citizens of Lakewood will vote for a Mayoral Candidate.

Based on my conversations with various people across the spectrum and across the city, the one thing I have heard on a consistent basis is change will be good for the city. The people are tired of a city that doesn't listen to the residents.

The voters of Lakewood have Three Choices:




I began to write several days ago and here is what began to say:

It has been an amazing race for the mere fact that the Candidates themselves have not made each other the story.
This Mayoral Race may be know for the lack of real news, but it will the Independent Observers that may be the real story.

What is interesting is that the Incumbent Tom George has taken the strategy of not being apart of the dialogue with the residents!
In some cases that is the strategy of someone who is comfortable with his positions on the issues. Time will only tell if this was correct strategy.

But now that has all changed, the gloves have come off and everyone is attacking each candidate.

The latest blast from Tom George provides a side by side comparison of the record of Fitzgerald.

Earlier in the week Fitzgerald put out a piece on crime and public safety.

Of course both George and Fitzgerald went after Demro's record and vice versa.

I should have known better that the good stuff would come out now, since there is technically no way to combat any damage that might have been done.
But here is the thing, the supporters are on the Lakewood Buzz and the Lakewood Observer bashing the candidates. To make it even more fun a blog has been started to monitor Ryan Demro and the LRO, its called LROWATCH. This site is hoot and half because the individual who writes for essentially parrots her entries from the Observer on the blog or vice versa. No real need to visit the site since it doesn't really add anything to the discussion. But I digress.

Let's face it, this race comes down to Tom George, can he survive the slings and arrows being lobbed in his direction.

My answer is NO

Tom George has failed to lead this city the last four years, he has managed it well, but has not lead.

He still firmly believes that there are no real increase in crime and that the Citizens of Lakewood are content with his Leadership and will provide him with another 4 year term.

I not sure Tom George is living in the same City as I do, people are scared of the direction that the city is going in. I have been talking to people independent of the campaigns and those in the campaign are hearing the same things I have heard.

Ladies and gentlemen, his inability to listen to the people is shown in his comments in this weeks Lakewood Sun Post, to the point that his comments come across either arrogant or cocky.

Mr. George come Wednesday morning, I believe the voters will revoke you building permit.

The City of Lakewood needs a Leader, not a Manager.

I say in November, you the voters will have a choice between

Ryan Demro

Edward Fitzgerald

I think the percentages will pretty close to the the snap poll that had been on this site since earlier this summer.

Fitzgerald 45+%
Demro 40+%
George <20%
Others 5%

Now get out and get to the polls on OCT. 2

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