Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Mayoral Debates Initial Impressions

Went to the Mayoral Debate at Harrison Elementary.

First, I must say to the Lakewood Board of Education, well done on the new school, its beautiful and hopefully it will be around for a long time.

I will write more later about the questions and answers, but my initial impression is that both candidates did very well.

The glaring absence of the Mayor was noticeable and based on conversations I had with various different people this is the political strategy for Mayor- Stay away from public forums until necessary to defend your record.

Rose Garden politics have proven not be a winning strategy, ask Jimmy Carter!

Once the Mayor does come out to defend his record, it just maybe too late!

I must say the Mayor appears to be confident since I received in the mail today from his campaign, two absentee ballot applications, one for the primary and one for the general election. Unfortunately, he sent one to my wife, but she has already submitted her application and has voted!

The politics in this city and county just make me scratch my head sometimes.

Back to the debate, all the major issues were brought up and asked and answered some more forcefully than others.

The true loaded question during the debate, was "What in your opinion was the real reason the Mayor was not available for this debate?" Both candidates had very respectful answers and gave their opinions.

The crowd was much larger than I had anticipated, some 75 - 100 people, not a great showing, but a good one.

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