Friday, October 05, 2007

36 Hours

That is how long after the Primary election day ended with Fitzgerald beating the snot out of George and Demro, before the mud started to be slung!

Surprisingly, I had anticipated that Tom George would begin to sling it, but no, Fitzgerald had to go against conventional wisdom and bring out the personal attack.

Fitzgerald called out the Mayor to return a campaign contribution of $4,500.

I'm sure I am not the only person who was disturbed by the Plain Dealer story this morning about the possible sale of Kauffman Park.

Whatever the merits of the plan are, which have continued to remain hidden, the contribution to Mayor George of $4,500 by the developers has cast a pall over the negotiations.

Mayor George, my request is that you return this $4,500 - the largest contribution you have received this year. As an alternative, I am requesting that you use those funds to help refurbish some of the facilities at Kauffman Park.

Only buy doing this can you remove the pall which has been cast over these pending development negotiations.

George then attacked Fitzgerald about the money for the Lakewood Democratic Club!


You and your campaign chair have refused numerous attempts to disclose the fund balance in the Lakewood Democratic Club.

Where is the money from the Club?

Why have you refused numerous requests to provide a treasurer's report to Club members?

As the Endorsed Democrat for Mayor and the endorsed candidate of the Lakewood Democratic Club, I demand answers.

Looking forward to a reply.

Mayor Tom George

Perhaps, Fitzgerald watching the various debates about the possible Kauffman Park redevelopment and saw it was stirring up passion with a small segment of the commenters, he felt he needed to step out in front of it.

To me this is a stupid for Fitzgerald to begin his engagement of the Mayor like this; he should be quiet about it right now or hit him about his record!

Fitzgerald had 30 point victory on Tuesday, but he is acting like he is behind!

Not that Ed Fitzgerald would listen to my opinion, but if I were in his camp, I would tell him to shut up and attack on the record, because this pitch in the dirt wins points with NOBODY

To Mayor George, although the question about the money for the Lakewood Democratic Club is valid one, they are weak questions and it shows that he needs to step up and defend his own record and dig up better negative stuff on Fitzgerald.

As far as the contribution of $4,500 from the Glitz, who cares Ed, you have two opportunities in which to make that contribution futile. One is being engaged in Council when anything even remotely to this plan comes in you knock it down. Second, this one is much easier for you right now, shut up and win the damn election, and then you can control the process and make the contribution seem like a donation to a lost cause.

Sometimes Politician just can't help themselves!

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