Monday, October 01, 2007


Well we are on the eve of the Mayoral Primary!

Thank God!

All the campaign claws are out, Fitzgerald dropped a piece today from Republicans for Fitzgerald. Demro went a little off, which sent Jim O'Bryan of the Lakewood Observer screaming (electronically speaking).

I probably would not have fallen for the bait, but who knows at this point of the race.

Tom George was seen driving around on Saturday, I am told he has only gone door to door on about 30 streets. Roughly speaking that is about 600 houses, not even 10% of the doors were knocked on.

I certainly would love to have been in the strategy session at the George campaign when they came up with his re-election plan. Just left me scratching my head as to his thoughts. Perhaps he felt that he would let Demro and Fitzgerald beat each other up and then he waltzes on the general, with a very heavy cash drawer.
If George does get knocked off tomorrow, I certainly would love to see the faces on certain people over on the Observation deck, they will just about bust a vein in anger.

The one real big question, I have right now is where the hell is Fitzgerald getting the money. His report lacked any major expenditures except for signs and postage and yet he has pumped out mailer upon mailer and drop literature and based on my calculation it has to total $12-15,000 and yet his report says nothing about it.

We shall see this time tomorrow night!

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