Friday, November 16, 2007

Is Ed FitzGerald Listening?

One of the big knocks against Ed FitzGerald is his ability to follow through, the story goes he offers up a product but tends to leave it to others to finish up.

Well, he is now Mayor. This certainly works to his advantage as being the idea guy and the underlings will have to deliver and then he will come back to take the credit.

In looking at his transition team, he is trying to break his habits.

When you look at the transition leader Lou McMahon, if you saw his house on the 4th of July, you would know he was a FitzGerald supporter,but also he is a quality Lakewood resident.
Now,since he is a lawyer with Thompson Hine mainly practicing in Environmental Law I do not expect him to become the Law Director, for him that would be a major pay cut and two, we need a lawyer familiar with the Public Law. Although, he may be civic minded enough to want to take on the job.

Based on the two other appointments FitzGerald is really taking the crime problem seriously, he has appointed Rich Neff who is a County Prosecutor and Dan Flannery, a Professor of Criminal Justice and is the Director of the Institute for the Study and Prevention of Violence at Kent State.

Professor Flannery is one guy I would really love to talk with, since yours truly has a Criminal Justice degree with an emphasis on police administration and crime & punishment.

I am sure Professor Flannery has heard the pros/cons of NACOP's (National Association of Chiefs of Police) beliefs on the use of the FBI Crime Statistics. This is an issue that I would like to tackle in another post.

To check to see if he is really listening, we will have to wait until he announces who will look at the City Finances. Those individuals could and should show us that he means to put the budget in balance.

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Peg said...

As you know, a manager is only as good as the productivity of his/her employees.