Sunday, November 04, 2007


Since I voted nearly two weeks ago, I basically just sat back and watched the antics of both campaigns as they each tried to find something to hang their hats on to move the victory into their column.

However, both camps in my opinion have failed to really set an agenda for the next four years. Fitzgerald did have the 15 points for Public Safety, the 10 Point Plans for both Fiscal Responsibility and Economics and the 10 Steps for a Stronger Lakewood.

Tom George had the recent complaints to the Ohio Elections Commission regarding misleading materials on Fitzgerald's literature.

Both campaigns did have some funny adverts, but the Edge goes to George with the use of the fake cop and the prop gun that had a "bang" flag coming out of it.

I also believe the camp followers really didn't help each other causes, so much so that I almost wrote in my name for mayor. I have been hearing from quite a few people that they might not vote for either candidate and only submit a ballot for the Ward Race.

I had said that its Fitzgerald race to lose and that based on the Primary Results Tom George would have an insurmountable lead to overcome.

But, that was 35 days ago and 10s of thousands of dollars later, I believe this race has tighten up to the point where some may call it a toss up.

When it comes right down to it Mayor George and Ed Fitzgerald are really the going to be the same type of leader, full of ideas but unable to fully implement them for various reasons, but mainly because of money and the lack of it.

Like I said it was a disappointing campaign, the people of Lakewood deserved to hear about possible answers to problems to face that city, but when it came down to it all we really got was mud slinging.

As to my prediction, I have been moving back and forth, 10 days ago I thought Fitzgerald had blown the insurmountable lead, but now maybe not.

Take Ed Fitzgerald with only 5 - 10% margin!

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