Saturday, November 10, 2007

More on the Unoffical Results

As the County was able to put out the unofficial numbers on Wednesday, I thought it would be interesting to see how they compared to the Primary numbers. As I said in the previous post Fitzgerald swept through the city taking 63 out of 65 precincts. The other numbers or trends I was looking for was the percentage of voters who cast ballots, number of registered voters and the other number I wanted to see if the negative campaigning had any effect on the Mayor's race.

According to the County there are now 43,714 registered voters which is down from the Primary of 43,819

As the records show we had 10306 voters cast ballots for the Mayor's race in the General which is up from 7005 in the Primary. as expected.

The voter turn out was 23.9% for the general, still less than a quarter of the registered voters cared enough to cast ballots. Of course there are anecdotes about how people didn't get their absentee ballots thereby had to cast provisional, but those numbers should bear out in the final official count.

As to the negative campaign, there was a lot of teeth gnashing and gum flapping about how the negativity of Fitzgerald and George's campaigns was causing some people to sit out the Mayor's race and just vote for the Ward seats. Well, in looking at the numbers it was all just hot air, there were a total of 8,900 votes cast in the all 4 Ward seats combined, so there were 1,406 people who did not vote in the Ward races, but just casted for the Mayor.

Another interesting point is the voting difference from the 2005 at-Large race compared to this years Mayoral. I would have expected to see a much larger turnout for the Mayor's race than the at-Large race, but the opposite is the case, 12,069 voted in the at-Large in 2005 as to compared to the 10,306. As I have been saying, these are unofficial and just maybe there are another 1763 provisional votes still unaccounted for at the county.

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