Thursday, January 10, 2008

Council at Large Vacancy - Part II

In the Lakewood Sun Post, they identify all the individuals who have submitted their names for consideration for the post.

There are nine in all, that is down from what I was told in an earlier post.

Some familiar names from the recent elections, others are familiar due to their civic activism. There are couple of names that don't jump out to me.

Paul Beegan
Tim Carroll
Stephen Davis
Diane Helbig
Steven Hoffert
Ruth Koenigsmark
Edward McCartney
Brian Powers
Dan Shields

Interesting list, there are a few names that I had anticipated being here, but surprisingly they didn't submit.

We shall see how this plays out!


Anonymous said...

Betcha it's going to be Powers...p.


Well the calls went out to 5 people this morning. Interviews on Monday. Looks like they are going to move fast.