Sunday, January 06, 2008


So was one of the quotes from the Inaugural speech of Mayor Edward FitzGerald.

I attended the swearing in ceremony to hear the thoughts of the new Mayor as to his vision of Lakewood under his watch.

I was not sure as to what to expect as I walked into the Masonic Temple on Detroit Avenue. I arrive early to ensure a seat and to watch the who would be in attendance.

I walked in behind Senator Sherrod Brown, who was conducting the oath of office. And so the Democratic Party Parade began. State Senator Dale Miller and State Representative Mike Skindell were in attendance along with many other candidates or former office holders.

Ward Councilmen Butler and Bullock and Councilwomen Madigan were also being sworn in, but newly elected Councilman Mike Summers apparently had previous commitment and was unable to be at the ceremony.

The program moved along to the main event, the swearing in of Ed Fitzgerald and then he gave his inaugural address.

FitzGerald’s opening comments were, “Lakewood is not the only city facing difficult times”, he went on and said that some of those cities will fail, some will flounder and the rest will prevail. “It is everyone’s responsibility in Lakewood to see to it that it prevailed.

The new Mayor struck some very positive cords with a comment that we are not going to wait to implement things like past administrations. He also indicated that the old line of “that's the way its been done” will not be tolerated at City Hall.

He indicated that he will not have a 100 day process, trying to implement changes than sitting on the laurels to see how things work, he intends to evaluate things on a constant basis.

In very general terms he laid out what he hopes for the City by the time it celebrates is 100th Birthday. Essentially, he indicated that he want the city safe, the finances secure and sound, stable housing market etc. It really was a 30 second repeat of the campaign themes.

He indicated that the campaign became bigger than himself and would hope that his administration will do the same.

Closing out his speech, with some inspired lines such as “Every Resident is an Ambassador” and that “we are a real city, not a developer’s idea of what a community should be”

Finally, “the next chapter of Lakewood’s History is yet to be written. Let’s make it a chapter worth reading!

All in all I thought the speech was well done, he kept it brief and in fact the whole ceremony was quickly done.

Let's hope some of Fitzgerald's ideas and plans aren't done as quickly as the ceremony.

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