Thursday, March 13, 2008

Democratic Delegate Debate

As you have noticed on the left sidebar, I have the delegate count for both parties and you will notice that McCain has the sufficient numbers for the GOP nomination and the Democrats are still slugging it out.

Essentially, the air from the campaigns has been sucked out by the ongoing media discussion of who and how will either campaign secure the total number of delegates for the Democratic Nomination.

The Clinton campaign has been counting the Super Delegates as her linchpin to victory and of course the Obama campaign has been saying "wait a minute" that is not really how its going to be. So they continue to slug it out.

The other part of the discussion of delegates is Florida and Michigan and what to do with those unaccounted delegates.

Let's see Michigan has 128 delegates plus 29 Super delegates for a total of 157. Florida has 210.

Here is a simple solution to the Florida & Michigan delegate problem.

The DNC can amend the rules for this year and determine that all 367 delegates from both states be considered as either At-Large or Super delegates and admit them to the Convention floor and then let them vote during the convention. I think this is a fair way of doing it, so that the voters from those two states don't feel disenfranchised and it allows for equal footing for the Obama campaign, since he adhered to the rules and did not "actively" participate in either primary.
Now I am sure the Clinton campaign won't like my idea, since she won both the states with 50+ percent of the vote.

The other option is to just divide the delegates up by the percentages of vote:

Clinton: 50% = 105 Delegates
Obama: 33% = 69 Delegates
Edwards: 14% = 29 Delegates
Other: = 7 Delegates

Clinton: 55% = 86 Delegates
Uncom.: 40% = 62 Delegates
Kucinich: 4% = 6 Delegates
other: = 3 Delegates

The Michigan 40% Uncommitted voters can be considered as At-Large or can be assigned to Obama.

If it is done by either method that I propose, it still does not get either candidate to the magic number of 2,025. That still leaves the Super Delegates from the rest of the country to fight for either campaign.

I think it will be good television if the DNC allows Florida and Michigan sit on the floor and make their votes count and public during the nomination process.

If the DNC does not decide this soon, then they could be in serious jeopardy of losing the White House in November.

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