Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Mapping the Primary Results for the Democrats

Here is what is gained from the exit polling:

In Ohio, which has been hard hit by the economy, Clinton won solid victories among men (11%) and women (32%). She also won heavily among voters over 65 (67% to 31%) but lost among younger voters (67% to 32%), precisely what we have seen before. She won a small victory among voters under $100,000 (51% to 48%) and lost narrowly among richer voters (54% to 46%). Education gave the usual picture, with HS graduates heavily tilting to Clinton (by 27%) and people with college and postgraduate degrees going for Obama strongly. The two candidates split the Protestant vote evenly but Clinton won by 19% among Catholic voters. Ohio does not have many Latinos, so something else is going on here. Interestingly enough, union membership didn't make much difference.


Also, what interesting to see from this same website is how the country is split between Obama and Clinton.

Pink is Clinton, Purple is Obama. The other colors are either up coming primaries or no delegates selected (Florida and Michigan).

Bookmark this website if you would like to follow along the races.

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