Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Time for the Ground Game!

This is where a good campaign organization can pay off. Today here in Cleveland the weather is not the greatest. If this were the General Election, than the GOP would be excited since historically GOP voters are like the mailman, neither sleet nor snow will keep me from my appointed rounds.

But, its just the Primary, this is where the Clinton campaign must shine to have a chance of stemming the tide of Obama mania.

On my way into work I drove by some of the polling locations to see if there was any action. It appeared to be the post morning rush hour, since I didn't see many supporters standing outside the polling locations.

I did see Obama supporters standing on the corner at Starbucks near W117th Street in Cleveland urging people to call the campaign or to vote.

Cleveland.com and Channel 5 are both indicating that there is heavy turnout and that the centralized pick up has been smoothly handled.
There is also anecdotal stories relating to the tabs on the ballots and whether or not the votes will be counted if removed.

I have a contact in the BOE and I am waiting to see if he will respond to my queries regarding to how things might be going.

Now its past the noon hour, so all the campaigns should have been to the polling locations to review the list of people who have voted and then match them up to their voting lists. Once they identify who has yet to vote, the calls will go out to stir them into voting and making sure they have transportation to the polls. This the essence of the ground game!

After 3 pm the next rounds of voter list will be out and then its the final push from all the campaigns to get out the vote.

The BOE is indicating that over 60,000 absentee ballots have already been scanned and ready to be tabulated, so essentially at 7:45pm we should have a good indication of how things might turn out.

Will update if given new information.

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