Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Day 2 of the Democratic Convention

There were a couple of humorous moments last night. If you were watching C-Span, they showed Gov. Ted Strickland trying to begin his speech, but there was no speech in the teleprompter. You hear him say twice, "there is no speech", while he waited he continued to acknowledge the crowd. Once the speech was up, he gave a very nice tribute to Stephanie Tubbs-Jones and then he gave a Taft-esque speech, no emotion just continually stared into the monitor to give the talk.

The other humorous part, was Kucinich's speech. Now I did not see it live, but saw an unedited version of it from CNN and there he was hopping around the podium and punching his fist in the air like some uncoordinated cheerleader.

Hillary's speech was good, perhaps if she was able to have that energy and passion in the early rounds of the primary, this week could have been her coronation, instead of being the set-up person for Barrack on Thursday.

What was interesting if you really listened and read between the lines, she doesn't think Obama will win, there was no ringing endorsement and no telling her supporters to vote for him in the convention. According to a copy provided to the media, she does exhort her supporters to do just that.

Tonight is Bill Clinton night, what will he say. The theme for tonight is National Security issues. Not sure he is the right guy to be up there. The only person worse up at the podium would Jimmy Carter.

NOTE: For the GOP convention organizers, don't let the big time speeches run past 11:00pm, I think a lot of good stuff maybe missed by those on the East coast. When Hillary's speech was done it was nearly 11:30, past the local newscasts.

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