Tuesday, September 30, 2008

After Careful Review - Pelosi Should Resign as Speaker!

After digesting everything that went down yesterday, besides the American taxpayer, the Biggest loser for this whole debacle over the last several days, is not who you think.

Its not John McCain, George Bush, House Republicans or even Barack Obama.
The biggest loser in all of this is none other than Nancy Pelosi, here is she was sitting on a Majority and all she had to do was whip her fellow Democrats into line and pass the bill.

It surely would have made a statement that the Democrats were ready to rebuild the failed policies of the last eight years and it will be even better once Barack Obama is in the White House.

It would have solidified the point that Change is Coming to Change has arrived!

But, Pelosi was not a leader yesterday, she failed not only Democrats, but also every American Taxpayer.

She wanted political cover from the House GOP, she was going to probably get it, until she took the floor and made her remarks.

Now last night there was a lot of chatter from the MSM to the fact that at least 15 Republicans who rode the fence, but, would vote for the measure decided upon hearing here speech, voted it down.

Now that is not surprising, but she also allowed 95 members of her own party to vote it down as well. She apparently didn't have the numbers, but wanted to make John McCain pay dearly for this.

Let me go back to the chatter on MSM, there was a lot of dismissal of the House GOP's feelings about the language the Speaker used yesterday as being childish, but I think what Pelosi said yesterday was the final straw. If you had followed everything over the last several days, she was always making comments about the failed polices, also about the Republicans were unable to work with the Democrats and finally she called the House GOP members unpatriotic because they didn't show up to a strategy meeting that the GOP wasn't even invited it too.
So in its totality, she pushed the Republicans over the edge and the measure failed.

I think the Wall Street Journal said it best:

The 228-205 defeat reflects badly on all concerned, starting with the Democrats who run the House. The majority party is responsible for assembling a majority vote, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi failed in that fundamental task.

To put it bluntly, Nancy Pelosi failed in her leadership position and should not be two heartbeats away from a Presidency.

There seems to be a growing sentiment regarding Nancy Pelosi's responsibilities or lack thereof as Speaker and Leader of her Party in the House of Representatives.

Here is Karl Rove's views from an interview with John Gibson:

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Anonymous said...

this needs to be shown to all deomocracts. Of course they are not bright enough to see the sham that pelosi tried to pull and will have more excuses then china has rice.Nancy pelosi has got to go!!!!