Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Parish Clustering

Tonight all the Catholic parishes in Lakewood and St. Rose's in Cleveland will be conducting a Townhall Meeting regarding the closing of some of the churches in Lakewood.

The consensus is that there will be a majority report, along with a minority report submitted to Bishop Lennon in October.
I have no real concern for the content of the Majority Report, which would consist of closing three parishes and have three survive. The three surviving would be Sts. James, Luke and either Clements or Cyril & Methodious.

The Minority Report if adopted could have grave consequences on the City, by the elimination of 4 parishes and having two survive. In the one two church scenario, its is described as having no Catholic Church west of Bunts Road in Lakewood.

I will update after the meeting as to what the plans will be.

Here is the post from June regarding this topic.

UPDATE - 10:30pm: Just returned from meeting, may not be as bad as I first thought. Will follow up a little later.

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