Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Presidential Race

Everywhere you read over the last 10 days has been about the McCain/Palin ticket. Quite frankly the selection of Gov. Sarah Palin was a stunner to just about everyone. I had read some early prognostications last spring that included her name as a possible candidate. Never thinking or doing any research on her. Of course everyone now is doing their due diligence.

The Left and the Media are trying to throw whatever they can to knock the Palin train off its tracks. For a local glimpse of it you can go over to the Lakewood Observer or the Lakewood Buzz. Thankfully, they are not as slimy as what appeared the Saturday after the Veep announcement. But, they are walking a fine line.

Let's face it, the Democrats and the Media basically have done what John McCain couldn't do for the GOP rank and file, that is solidification.

I for one was at best luke warm to the McCain campaign, I would have voted for him anyway, because of the platform of Obama's.

Since the smears and innuendos from the Koz' kids, Salon, NY Times, (of course) MSNBC and all the rest so firmly leaning Obama's way on the Saturday after the announcement, I became a more hardened supporter. Not only is the party going to get my time, but now they will get my money.

The recent polls after the conventions have certainly turned towards McCain/Palin, but its still early. I think the time to get excited will be come at the end of September and into mid- October. By that time we will have had at least one Presidential debate and the one and only VP debate (probably most watched debate on TV). Those polls will provide the best indicator of where the two candidates will be for November.

After that point, it will just come down to who has the better ground game. Right now that edge could be with Obama.

Let's go back to the Palin smears and distortions, I have already stated that some have been pretty bad, while others borderline. The Left and the Media is harping about her record, well today I have noticed that FactCheck.org has now a link to debunking some of the distortions that are out there. Here is one that I have seen over at the observation deck where they were crying about her cutting special ed funds.

  • Palin did not cut funding for special needs education in Alaska by 62 percent.
    She didn’t cut it at all. In fact, she tripled per-pupil funding over just three

They don't have a lot, but I am sure they will continue to update.

Final point about the local comments, judging by the outrage/dementia (BDS kind) on the Observation Deck and the Lakewood Buzz over Sarah Palin and her fitness to be Vice President, I really wonder what will happen if McCain wins. Right now that is a very good possibility.

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